Agriculture and Rural Development

The importance of agricultural development for Lebanon cannot be understated, and for that reason agriculture is one of the cornerstones of the Rene Moawad Foundation’s operational priorities. This sector is vital to the economy of Lebanon, and in particular in the North, the Beqaa, and the South regions of the country, and it employs 25% of the rural population in Lebanon. RMF’s dedication to supporting the rural farming communities is evident through our development of the North Agricultural Center, and FRESCO, our sustainable agro-industrial project turned company.

RMF’s strategy for developing the agricultural sector is defined by our multidimensional approach to the issues that are facing this crucial sector. RMF addresses the entire agricultural production process – from product input and cultivation, to final commercialization – and offers the necessary basic support and agricultural means for all stages of production and commercialization. This comprehensive approach promotes development of the industry and long-term sustainability. Some of the methods of this approach include:

  • Reducing initial costs for farmers, and providing them with training and know-how.
  • Strengthening farmer cooperatives and associations, improving rural civil society.
  • Introducing new equipment and cutting edge technology and into the local agricultural practices.
  • Working on improving quality of products grown or produced through enhanced inputs, and quality controls.
  • Supporting supply-chain development, improving profit for small farmers, and improved quality produce for agro-industry and consumers.
  • Focus on sustainability, and environmentally friendly agricultural practices.

In order to ensure that this sector remains a viable economic generator for Lebanon in the future, RMF promotes environmental protection by encouraging public awareness of existing problems and the adoption of ecologically sound agricultural practices among the farmers and communities it works with.
RMF works through both our established agricultural operations, and through donor supported projects.