Economic Development

Economic growth is an absolute necessity for the development of a prosperous country anywhere in the world. The Rene Moawad Foundation places significant emphasis on enhancing the economic growth and development in Lebanon, with a particular focus on youth and women. The rationale behind this strategy is based in RMF’s belief that the future of the country lies in the hands of its youth, the more they are able to prosper and grow, the more they will invest in the futures of their families and that of Lebanon. Women also play a significant role in society, and it is overwhelmingly accepted that a woman will invest heavily in the future and success of her family.

For these reasons, RMF has decided to focus on three specific pillars of economic growth in order to guarantee the greatest impact:

  • Employment capacity building programs- RMF focuses on building people’s skills and capacities, providing them the proper knowledge and tools they need to find employment.
  • Entrepreneurship- The private sector makes up 90% of all economic activity in Lebanon. Supporting those who start their own business is crucial to building growth.
  • Small and Medium Enterprise support (SMEs) – These businesses are some of the most important in all of Lebanon, as they employ a very significant portion of the population. Supporting them, and helping them grow is a net positive.

An economically strong Lebanon is a more resilient Lebanon in the long run, helping it sustain itself through difficult times, such as the recent shocks that have affected the economy because of the Syrian Refugee Crisis, and the turmoil caused by conflict in the wider region. RMF is dedicated to the economic growth of Lebanese society, particularly those who are marginalized and face many uphill challenges in gaining economic independence and security.
RMF works through both its established economic developmental operations, and through donor-funded projects.