Promoting Women's Participation in the Economic and Public Sectors in North Lebanon

Duration of the 3-year project
February 2009 - February 2012

Funding partner
European Union

464,440 Euros
(Four hundred sixty-four thousands four hundred and forty Euros).....................

Local Partner

Geographic area
North Lebanon

Women members of 14 cooperatives
10 women entrepreneurs
Girls and women in north of Lebanon

Enhance gender equity and equality in the north of Lebanon.
Support women to improve their capacity building and ability in order to benefit from the economical opportunities.
Enhance women public participation in decision making and sharing opinions.

Institutional Empowerment of the cooperatives
- Gender Concept sessions, decision making.
- Training sessions about computers, accounting, marketing, communication skills, hygienic pratices, food processing, Introduction to Business Plan (IBP), handicraft, smart business plan, ...
- 40 technical assistance days.
- Visits to similar cooperatives.
- Participation in 9 national commercial events.
- Participation in 18 regional commercial events.
- Evaluating and improving the sales process.
- Visit of foreign experts for exchange of experience.

Improve women’s job access
- Organization of 22 job orientation sessions.
- Organization of 9 intensive training course about elaboration of economical projects.
- Individual support of 10 economical projects (One on One coaching).
- Specific trainings on: Chocolate processing & recipies, soap processing, saponification, ...

Women participation in local management within the municipalities
- Sensitization Thematic sessions on municipalities priorities.
- Workshop “ Gender and participation”.

Involve women in the preparation and establishment of territorial development plan
- Exhibitions about natural resources assets of the region.
- Formation of discussion groups about the priorities of the development plan of the National Natural Park in Akkar.
- Visits of natural reserves for experience exchange.

Network Development
- Network building with others cooperatives.
- Visits to the Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture in Tripoli and North Lebanon (CCIAT) and to the BIAT (Business Incubation Association in Tripoli): 23 March 2010 -- 07 July 2010 -- 14 January 2011

Expected results
Capacity building of the members of the 14 cooperatives in the north of Lebanon ( 240 women)
Better academic and job orientation for 4400 students 50% of them are girls
Capacity building of 180 women entrepreneurs
Involvement of 100 women in public debate on environmental issues and infrastructure
Sensitization of 6000 people on environmental issues related to the National Natural Park in order to launch the participation in public debate on large scale