Health and Social Care

Just as being sick may affect the productivity of a worker in an office, a society that does not have adequate health and social services cannot prosper and grow in the other realms that are just as important. For this reason, the Rene Moawad Foundation places a significant emphasis on helping to provide health and other social care services to the most disadvantaged and marginalized members of the population. These people can be disadvantaged due to poverty, or simply being located in a remote village, which is many hours of travel away from adequate care facilities.

The issues of health and social protection have become even more dire and necessary since the influx of Syrian Refugees into Lebanon, as this has affected both their wellbeing and those of the Lebanese host communities.  RMF has focused its resources and energy towards tackling this challenges in a variety of ways. These include:

  • Distribution of Medicine at subsidized cost to patients, hospitals, and dispensaries
  • Mobile clinics dispatched to rural and hard to reach communities
  • Financial aid to those who are needy in order to help cover hospitalization costs
  • Rehabilitation of inhospitable homes
  • Water and Sanitation Services (WASH)

These types of services and care are extremely important in ensuring that Lebanese society stays healthy, and that their basic needs are taken care of. RMF sees this not only as a development issue, but as a basic human right which applies to all people.
RMF works through its established operations and through donor funded projects in this sector.