RMF's educational activities target mainly children and youth. The services are delivered through individual projects or/and RMF's established centers, such as the Youth Community Center, the Center for working children and the children's nursery. One of the aims is establishing equal access to basic education for the disadvantaged.>>

Human Rights
RMF's activities in human rights and democracy are focused on women and youth. In addition to regularly held workshops, publication have been issued, and youth clubs created. The goal is to help develop a responsible democratic citizenry, promote the principles and values of human rights.>>

RMF's economy and development services aim at guaranteeing access to basic services and self-improvement skills for groups of society. Special projects target the empowerment of rural women. Following the July 2006 war, RMF started a whole range of rehabilitation projects for the most affected.>>

The Agricultural Center of the North (CAN) is the heart of RMF's various agricultural activities. It includes fruit and vegetable sorting, packaging and cold storage units, dairy and ice cream production units, an animal farm and a plant nursery. The olive oil sector is served through the press in Batroun and various projects.>>


RMF's objectives focus on proviing health services to the disadvantaged in North Lebanon. The services are centered in the community clinic in Zgharta. The clinic offers medical consultations, a laboratory, a pharmacy, a dental clinic and runs a mobile dispensary service.>>

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Agreement with the Japanese Embassy :A Medical Cooperation Agreement was signed between RMF and the Japanese Embassy in Lebanon on 18 March 2014. >>
RMF receives Award :On 29 January 2014, RMF received from MEDI the award of one of the best 10 NGOs in Lebanon. >>
The BALADI Program:The 'Building Alliance for Local Advancement and Investment' 5-year program (2012-2017) is supporting community projects for municipalities throughout Lebanon. >>
The 'Institut Technique René Moawad':The 2012 inaugurated institute offers courses for BP, BT and TS degrees. >>
Improved livelihoods for underprivileged women:This 2013-2016 project, inaugurated on 12 June 2013, covers North Lebanon. >>
DHAIM program:Get updated on the activities part of this 2011-2016 program which aims to develop the hydroponics sector in Lebanon. >>
Football Court in Mejdlaya: The new 800 m2 outdoor covered court enjoys a top quality synthetic grass surface. Inaugurated end of 2012. >>

Updated on 21 March 2014