Strengthening Exports of Fruits and Vegetables from Lebanon to European and Regional Markets Project – Funded by The Embassy of The Netherlands

The project aims to support sustainable economic development by developing an integrated export chain, creating jobs and promoting exports of grapes, avocados, cherries and potatoes to European and regional markets.

Date September 2019- April 2023
Project Strengthening Exports
Budget 14,700,00 USD
Location Lebanon-wide (North, Akkar, Bekaa, Baalbek, South of Lebanon)
Donors Kingdom of The Netherlands
Sectors Agriculture
Beneficiaries 2,760 farmers, 8,580 Lebanese and Syrian workers. 1,365 at risk

children,150 agricultural communities mostly from high vulnerable poor segments, 900

vulnerable segments with new jobs, 20 post-harvest facilities, 2 public sector institutions,

10 private sector institutions, 15 coops and 20 experts.

To know more about this project, watch our outreach documentary on RMF Youtube channel: