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Women Economic Participation in North and Mount Lebanon (WEP)

With funding from the Government of Canada and under the guidance and supervision of the United Nations Development Program within the framework of the Lebanon Host Comumunities Support Programme (LHSP), René Moawad Foundation is leading a consortium to implement the Women Economic Participation in North and Mount Lebanon (WEP) project to address women’s limited access to, control of, and ability to benefit from economic opportunities.

Selected Value Chains:
Agricultural value chains: Oregano (wild and cultivated), Friqeh, small ruminants, and honey.
Non-agricultural value chains: Handcrafts, renewable energy, and Information, Communication Technology (ICT).


• To increase local awareness and support to women’s rights, notably economic empowerment and right to decent work
• To boost local recognition of women’s role in non-traditional economic development.
• To foster competences of local women, individuals and groups, to access the market based on competitiveness and innovation in selected value chains.


1- Lebanese and Syrian refugee women have strengthened capacity to integrate into the labor market.
2- Increased public support and improved enabling environment for women’s economic empowerment at three levels: household, community, business and municipal level.
3- Women- led businesses and cooperatives have improved productivity and competitiveness and have increased access to assets, spurring innovation and addressing unfavorable resource control and ownership dynamics
4- Municipalities, unions of municipalities and local economic development agencies have increased skills, knowledge and means to be more actively involved in local economic development and are implementing interventions to support women economic empowerment.


• Are you a female between 18 and 55 years old?
• Are you living in in one of the targeted locations and interested to strengthen your capacities and enter the labor market?
• Do you have your own business and would like to improve your competitiveness and gain access to new markets?
• Do you need to raise your competences or those of your SME to access the market based on innovation in your value chain?
• Do you work in any of our selected value chains?
If you fall under any of the above criteria you can take part in our project by filling the application here or calling 70-181051 or 03- 543511 and our team is ready to guide and assist you.

Date 15 October 2019-28 February 2022
Project WEP
Budget LBP 2,600,000
Location North and Mount Lebanon
Donor Government of Canada
Partners Consortium: Berytech Foundation, Digital Opportunity Trust Lebanon (DOT Lebanon), Atayeb El-Rif Association (AAR) , and Committee for the Follow-up of Women’s Issue (CFUWI)
Sectors Water, Sanitation and Health
Beneficiaries 1,500 Lebanese and Syrian women, 8 Cooperatives, 12 SMES, 6 Start-up Businesses, 18 Unions, 10 Municipalities

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